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Latest stable release
Released on 2024-05-31Release Note
How to verify the integrity of the downloaded file?

Run the following command in Terminal and check if the output matches the SHA256 value above.
You may need to replace the file path with the actual path of the downloaded file.

shasum -a 256 ~/Downloads/IINA.v1.3.5.dmg

Previous versions
Beta releases

If you already have IINA installed, you can change to beta channel by checking the "Receive beta updates" button in Preferences.

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Latest beta release
Released on 2020-10-07

Previous versions
Install via Homebrew Cask

You may also install IINA via the community-maintained Homebrew cask by running:

brew install --cask iina
Browser extensions

You can open various online media in IINA directly from web browsers by using our browser extensions.

The Safari App Extension is already included in the IINA App bundle, and you may only need to enable it in Safari Preferences. Extensions for other browsers could be downloaded below.

Nightly builds

Nightly builds are built by GitHub Actions based on each new commit on the develop branch. They are not signed so you need to manually change your system security settings to use nightly builds.

Nightly Builds