IINA 1.0.7

IINA is now notarized so that no warning will show when you try to install it on Catalina.

Due to the more strict security requirement of notarization, IINA cannot load dylibs automatically from your system path anymore. This might be a breaking change if you previously used your custom mpv build by only deleting the libmpv.1.dylib from IINA's package. Since IINA 1.0.5, you must copy the custom libmpv.1.dylib. to IINA.app/Contents/Frameworks, replacing the original one.

We are using a new translation platform powered by Crowdin.

This is the first time we incorporate translations from Corwdin, where we have more contributors. If you find any translation can be improved, please register an account at translate.iina.io for free and help us to translate, upvote or downvote.